Banking University participates in Tempus projects:

* Modernization of Postgraduate Studies on Security and Resilience for Human and Industry Related Domains [SEREIN] – coordinator Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia);

* KTU – Knowledge Transfer Unit : From Applied Research and Technology-Entrepreneurial Know-How Exchange to Development of Interdisciplinary Curricula Modules – coordinator FH JOANNEUM (Austria).

And involved in Erasmus+ Mobility projects with 6 Universities:

* Poland (Cracow University of Economics, Państwowej Wyższej Szkoły Techniczno-Ekonomicznej im. ks. Bronisława Markiewicza w Jarosławiu)

* Latvia (University of Latvia)

* Czech Republic (VSB - Technical University of Ostrava)

* Slovenia (University of Ljubljana)

* Bulgaria (The D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics)